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So, here's a confession you guys. I haven't drawn something, besides doodling while on the telephone, on paper for at least 10 years since I graduated from art school. I've always been too busy photographing and probably used that as an excuse to pick up a pencil. It has always seem such a waste that I have rarely used my drawing skills, i think this might have something to do with my mother being an artist and it always was quite a burden to be just as good as she was, a burden that was too heavy to carry and that I kind of said goodbye to for years.

Now make up is a whole different story that I am much more comfortable with and isn't an easy comparison to do what she does. I have even been thinking of wanting do a professional course so that I can learn all the ins and outs on how to work a face professionally, and of course become better informed of all the cool techniques that one can use to draw on faces. Recently I have been dabbling a lot with make up and using my ole illustration and painting skills on the girls that come round for a go-see in my studio. Let's see where it goes. I think make up looks even more cool on film since it's not as polished as digital..

Do you know of any amazing MUA educators or courses I could follow that don't charge the motherload?would love to learn more about editorial make up techniques!

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